275ml 'Treats up to 11 Tanks'

Formulated for industrial use Fuel Doctor is regularly added to service station and commercial tanks at substantially higher treat rates during tank cleaning operations. Fuel Doctor has been formulated to be passive to fuel system components and agressive to microbial material. Note that you cannot overtreat with Fuel Doctor - by overtreating you will only hurt your wallet.

Motor cars that have travelled in excess of 100,000kms will have filled their tanks on average 200 times. The residual from these fills will need at least one shock treatment of Fuel Doctor prior to commencing an ongoing maintenence treatment program.



Initially shock treat your tank with one full 275ml bottle immediatley prior to re-filling. Vehicles that have travelled in excess of 100,000kms should shock treat with 275mls per each 100,000kms. For example, for a vehicle that has travelled 300,000kms, the following is an example of a shock treatment program: 

First tank: 275mls

Second tank: 275mls

Third tank: 275mls

Fourth tank: 25mls

For severely contaminated systems you may need to double the above rate. Please email tech@fueldoctors.com for advice relating to your specific circumstances.

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